Advanced Analytics

Some research questions cannot be answered with a proportion or an average.


NRG provides a comprehensive array of advanced analytical techniques and services to uncover the full story your results could be telling.

Advanced Analytic Advantages


Full project involvement

The consultants who perform the advanced analytics are involved in the project to ensure the correct data is collected and the interpretation fulfills project objectives.


Custom approach and transparency

NRG doesn’t do ‘Black Box’ analytics. We work with you to ensure you understand what we’re suggesting, and why we believe your project will benefit from looking at more than frequencies.


Full and thorough explanations

We not only fully explain the analyses that we perform, we work with you to build your capacity to understand and explain the results and implications to your stakeholders.

Types of Analyses

  • Conjoint Analysis
  • MaxDiff Analysis
  • Penalty Reward Analysis
  • Cluster and Segmentation Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Multiple Regression and Advanced Regression Models
  • Correspondence Analysis / Multidimensional Scaling / Perceptual Mapping

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