Eddie joined NRG in September 2018 as a Senior Research Consultant, with a specialty in advanced analytics. Before joining NRG, Eddie worked as a Senior Consultant at Stormy Lake Consulting, a market research company specializing in tourism, education, and public policy.

In addition to almost a decade of consulting research in brand development, strategic planning, and community engagement, Eddie also has significant experience in academia. Eddie has held the roles of Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Calgary and Assistant Professor at Mount Allison University. His course offerings included introductory and advanced research statistics/ research design, social psychology, interpersonal relationships, and consumer psychology.

Eddie has a PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Calgary, where his research focus was about breakups in romantic relationships (earning him the affectionate nickname “Dr. Love”). He also holds an MSc in Social Psychology from the University of Calgary and a BA in Psychology from Brock University.

Eddie’s experience spans both quantitative and qualitative research. His particular areas of focus include multivariate statistical techniques, and he has a keen interest in choice-based methodologies (such as Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint and MaxDiff) as well as segmentation using latent class analysis.

Outside of the office, Eddie is an avid sports fan and a loyal supporter of his hometown Toronto teams (including the Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, and Raptors). He currently plays hockey and soccer, and was once a member of the Canadian Karate Organization national team as well as the Brock University rowing team. He also builds custom furniture and home décor in his spare time.