Kathleen joined NRG Research Group’s Calgary office in July 2016. Kathleen recently graduated from University of Calgary where her PhD research focused on endocannabinoid and stress effects on the brain (the impact of cannabis on the brain). Her contributions to the science of neurotransmitters effects on the brain include numerous peer reviewed publications as well as presentations to scientific meetings and conferences. Kathleen also holds a MSc from the University of Calgary and a BSc Honors from Brock University specializing in neuropsychology.

Currently Kathleen is completing a Health Information Management diploma program at SAIT while working part-time with NRG. Since joining NRG, Kathleen’s primary focus has been in research related to quality of life and citizen engagement. She is actively involved in the community through volunteer activities with the MEOW Foundation, Branch Out Neurological Foundation, Health Sciences Animal Care Committee and the Calgary Youth Science Fair. In her free time she enjoys going out to the mountains.