Sarah has been in her role as NRG’s qualitative research coordinator and facility manager since February 2016. Before moving into her current role, Sarah spent nearly three years honing her skills in NRG’s field centre as a project supervisor.

Sarah is the go-to recruitment specialist for all of NRG’s qualitative projects. She has expertise in project management, screener design, and facility management. Sarah is responsible for making sure all of the moving parts of a qualitative project run smoothly, from project design to finding the right participants to making sure that both participants and clients are comfortable and well cared-for during research sessions. Sarah also coordinates logistics for offsite, online, and telephone qualitative studies in addition to studies that take place within NRG’s focus group facilities.

Sarah’s background in field gives her a unique and comprehensive view of the qualitative research process from beginning to end. She has a particular skill for anticipating potential challenges and finding solutions before problems emerge.

When she’s not at work, Sarah loves to seek out new experiences through travel. She also loves cooking and can often be found with a memoir in hand.