September 17, 2018

At the end of August, the Market Research Intelligence Association (MRIA) – the organization that represented public opinion pollsters and market researchers in Canada  – disbanded, leaving the Canadian polling industry without a self-governing oversight body. NRG is currently in discussions with other market research leaders on how to best support the industry’s activities.

Andrew Enns, President of NRG, explains that research – like all professional disciplines – needs to be held to the highest standards.   The next steps the Canadian research industry will need to consider include:

  1. Ethics and integrity of research practices, including quality control and maintaining proper industry standards
  2. Advocacy with government and regulators
  3. Affiliation with other international research bodies
  4. Support for research professionals, including training and professional designations
  5. Formal collaboration between research suppliers and clients


Enns notes that during this period without a formal industry association, NRG will continue to uphold the very highest research standards for all of our clients.

NRG Research Group