Research Consulting

NRG has a broad range of clients, project types and levels of involvement. Let us be your research partner and discover how we can work together to achieve the insights you need.


We can have a quick discussion to confirm your questionnaire will get you the information you need, run a specific analysis, or help you figure out what kind of research options you have to answer specific organizational questions. We do it all.

Collaboration with your research supplier is important. You know your business, and we know research. Amazing things happen when we bring these perspectives together.

Advantages to partnering with NRG


Experience and Advice

Work with us on a consulting basis. We know small businesses don’t have large research budgets. Let us help you increase the value and accuracy of your in house research with à la carte consulting services.


Ongoing Research Planning

While we execute many one-off projects, NRG professionals can add extra value by designing a comprehensive research plan over a period of time or set of projects. A coordinated research effort will help your organization get the highest return on investment.


Flexibility and Scalability

From last minute fielding, changes in scope, projects with less than 20 to 10,000 plus respondents, to multiple methodologies and advanced analytics, NRG works with you to create and execute projects customized to your research needs.

Put NRG to work for you

Contact us to talk about what we can do within your timeline and budget.
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