June 15, 2015

An important benefit of working with a full-service agency is the ability to work with the same research team across both quantitative and qualitative research. Our senior research staff are equally competent writing a telephone questionnaire as they are moderating a focus group, and they have the experience to back it up. Key focus group moderators within our team include:

Andrew Enns, President: Andrew’s fifteen years of moderating experience with NRG – coupled with his intuitive understanding of what clients need – make him an effective and sought-after facilitator. Our most prolific moderator, Andrew conducts (on average) more than one hundred focus groups across the country each year. Some of Andrew’s favourite groups over the years have taken him to warm locales such as Los Angeles (vehicle research) and Barbados (local shopping habits).

Liddie Sorensen-Lawrence, Senior Vice President: Moderating since 2009, Liddie trained at the Burke Institute and has run focus groups across the continent… literally: From Victoria, BC to Truro, NS; and from Aklavik, NT to Phoenix, AZ (with a highlight being her time in the beautiful and sacred Nass River Valley in the Nisga’a Nation, BC). Liddie has First Nations moderating experience in addition to experience with natural resource assessments; association and membership insights; advertising and creative testing; and public engagement and municipal consultations.

Tim Chan, Vice President: Tim began conducting focus groups in 2007 and has several more years’ qualitative experience as a client. In addition to moderating in-person groups he has become NRG’s in-house expert on online focus group moderation. His facilitation includes topics such as brand development, website usability, packaged goods, and communications message testing. One of his favourite projects to date involved qualitative follow-ups to quantitatively-defined market segments. Video clips of the qualitative research were edited into a documentary used to increase understanding of the customer segments in employee training.

Llisa Morrow, Qualitative Research Consultant: Llisa first began moderating focus groups over a decade ago. Starting in qualitative research as a focus group manager, she has steadily taken on more responsibility in the qualitative sphere. In fact, Llisa is now NRG’s go-to resource for expertise in all elements of qualitative research including project design, recruitment, and moderation techniques. Llisa just finished conducting a set of eight groups in five locations across Canada on the topic of heavy construction equipment purchasing.

In addition to our core moderators, many other NRG researchers are experienced in conducting and supporting qualitative research. Some specialize in recruitment, while others prepare moderation guides, facilitate online focus groups, conduct in-depth interviews, and contribute to qualitative reports.

Dr. Brian Owen

CEO and Chairman