Online Surveys

We’ve been conducting online market research and opinion polling since 1996.


At NRG, we customize our online research solutions to meet your specific needs for information and action. Your data is hosted on secure Canadian servers.

How it Works


We can email each potential respondent a unique link to the online questionnaire.

Alternatively, we can advertise a general link that respondents can use to access the survey.


We can craft an online survey tool that has virtually no limitations.

It combines the strengths of CATI programming designed specifically for market research with powers of Java and HTML programming.


The results of online surveys are available to clients in real time.

Clients can view quotas and results for all survey questions as they are completed by respondents.

Advantages of online Surveys

  • Online surveys are cost effective
  • Survey content can include pictures, sound and video
  • A large number of surveys can be conducted in a very short time period
  • Surveys are available on mobile devices


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