March 23, 2017

Posted on 3/18/2017 4:20 PM by Jonathon Brown

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A recent survey polling Canadians’ feelings toward marijuana use and legislation seems to confirm what many probably suspect.

51% responded are in favour of legalization, while 33% opposed, and 14% have no opinion.

This poll was conducted by NRG Research, their president Andrew Enns says he’s seeing a growing support.

“I think there is a greater conversation going on, there’s more discussion now at the federal government level,” he says.

The survey also reports that three quarters (74%) of Canadians believe that recreational marijuana use would increase if it were legal, but only 30% of current users say they would increase their consumption.

He finds that when you ask someone what they think other people will do if marijuana were legal, the usual response is that people in general will smoke or consume more marijuana. But when people are asked what they will do, either way, they don’t think they will change their habits, or even start now.

Some other findings from the survey show 63% of those polled support a sales tax on marijuana if it were legalized.

Support was highest in Saskatchewan with 88%, BC came in 3rd behind Alberta with 70% of us responding in favour of legal weed. The least supportive was Qu├ębec, where support only found 37%.

Looking at age demographics, Canadians aged 18-34 responded with the most support, 60% in fact, which also doesn’t come as a surprise to Enns.

“There’s a very slow acceptance starting to pick up, although if you look on people who are peer-support oppose, there’s about 20% strongly support and an equal number who strongly oppose, I don’t anticipate there will be much movement between those camps at all,” he says. “Where you see some shift is in those people who aren’t sure of things. That will be something to watch. I think the next time this will get interesting in terms of opinion is when the federal government introduces legislation and it becomes clearer as to what this would actually look like.”

This survey comes to a topical time given not only the raids on Cannabis Culture, but also talk of how, or if to take the big step of legalization.

“As we moved closer to legalization, we wanted to ask some questions that might point the way of what policy makers have to think about,” he says. “There’s going to be a lot of work post-legalization for policy-makers to address a few issues, in terms of minors, in terms of driving, they will want to make sure there are certain rules in place to manage this.”

Enns took an interview with Roundhouse Radio just after stepping out of a meeting with the Chamber of Commerce and the Chair of Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce.

“Even there, where recreational marijuana has been sold since 2014, they’re learning every day,” he says.

This poll was conducted by NRG over five days in February surveying 1,000 Canadians online in English and French.


Andrew Enns